I have been a pipe smoker for over 30 years and during that time, I have purchased some very nice Savenellis, some Ben Wade free hands and very high end pipes. I am very careful with my pipes but as you all know? constant usage has a way of diminishing the structures and the appearances of your pipe. This group of my pipes were the worst of what I had to be repaired. I was not ready to let these once beautiful pieces go. I called and got Ric on the phone. He was great and took the time realizing how personal these 4 pipes were to me and then walk me through the process. My pipes were in bad shape, stems cracked and the bowls on both my free hands were cracked. My Savenelli was broken at the base of the stem. Ric did tell me it would be a challenge but he accepted and over the course of the next couple of weeks? these guys turned what I truly thought was the end of my pipes? into complete brand new looking ,newly refurbished pipe masterpieces! The bowls are polished and like new, the stems are new!Theses beauties smoke like the day I got them When I received them back in the mail I started to shed tears. I never could have imagined anything like this! I am still in pipe smoking heaven as I continue to enjoy my masterpieces. I am beyond blown away!! satisfied and happy beyond belief! I have found these guys and from this point on? anything that I see with my pipes to be corrected? will send in right away!! I refuse to wait and allow my pipes to get in such bad shape again.. Thanks to the team at Briarville