Rich Messineo

Today, I received the second batch of repaired pipes from Rich and the great team at Briarville. These 3 pipes received are well over 40 years old each..I paid at least $250 to $300 a piece for these pipes when purchased at that time. ( Savinelli’s, Ben Wade Free hands) This gives you an idea of how precious these pieces are to me. They had a lot of mileage on them, with cracked bowls, broken stems, and caked up bowls as well. All 3 are better looking today than when I bought them..

As a senior citizen, and have witnessed a lot in my life, and it has been a long time since I have seen the pride of quality craftsmanship like this before and again, like I was with my first experience, I am blown away. I have run out of superlatives to use in trying to describe the quality of work these folks do.. I just don’t have the words anymore! I am beyond satisfied!!