turned a diaster into a work of art

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I bought an Old handmade pipe in Austria a few years ago. it was a swiss style pipe with an antler as part of the stem . The pipe needed the bowl cleaned up inside and out. There appeared to be a type of chalky material in the metal bowl. and the lucite had large holes in it. An attempt was made to cover up holes in the stem using black electric tape. Rich got my pipe and did a miracle. The bowl cleaned inside and out with a great buff job on the exterior of the bowl. New antler material was made and fitted with a new stem. They even put on a new lash on it as the old one was stained and raveled. all at what i thought was a reasonable price. This is the 2nd time I’ve used these guys. My grandson broke a stem on a new pig nose pipe. Again a reasonable price for a new stem that fit like a charm. I have never found anyone as willing to pick up the phone and answer questions as Rich. I have over 100 pipes. Anytime I need repair work, Briarville Inc. is where my pipe will go Thanks Rich!!!

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