The Pipe Wizards of Briarville

Rich Messineo

I discovered Ric and Briarville back in the Tennessee days. Something like 6 or more years ago. I’ve smoked a pipe for over 50 years and several of my pipes are at least that old. Most have been carried in field jacket pockets and rucksacks in pretty harsh conditions around the world in jeeps, tanks and helicopters. Some got broke up pretty bad, but I held on to them hoping that I’d find a repair guy who could work some briar magic. Briarville that wizard. Ric and staff have repaired and restored about ten of my pipes: meerschaums, Petersons, Savinelli’s, Comoys, etc. Broken tenons, broken stems, and major burn outs have presented no obstacles to their magic. They have been returned to me, not as just a repaired pipe, but as a new reincarnation of an old friend. I trust no one else to work this kind of magic! Five big stars! Thanks Briarville!