Impeccable, Scrupulous and Affordable Service

Rich Messineo

My heartfelt gratitude to the team at Briarville for their consistently impeccable, scrupulous and affordable Service”.

Be it a replacement stem, a restoration to original condition, opening of a tight airflow or general cleaning, the work Briarville performed on several of my Pipes (Dunhill, Castello and Peterson), truly and perfectly met -if not surpassed- my expectations. As if it weren’t enough, the amount of the ever so painful separation time from my pipes was no more than about 2 weeks.

I leave this testimonial because I appreciate the trepidation one may experience when deciding whether to entrust a cherished pipe into the hands of some unknown self-declared expert. I took my chances the first time with Briarville and will take no other chance elsewhere. Briarville is my pipes Guardian Angel !!