Blown Away!!!

Rich Messineo

I was surfing the net last week, and came across a list of places to check out. One place was saying they used Ric @ Briarville, so I clicked on the link to his website and was looking at his services offered. Then, I noticed he has an online web store.

I was looking for a bent bulldog to add to my collection, and found a pre-80’s GBD that looked amazing. The price was very reasonable, and I couldn’t pass it up. The pipe showed up in yesterday’s mail, and I couldn’t wait to open the box to see my new pipe. Here’s the crazy part, the pipe is as old as I am, and looks brand new! The finish is so highly polished I can see my reflection in it. Of course I couldn’t wait to smoke it, so I fed it two bowls of Levant mixture last night. It blows me away that a pipe from the 70’s could smoke this good, and still look like it’s got another 100 years left in it.

I’m glad I found Ric and his web store, and I will definitely be a repeat customer!