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What Others Have Said

Man, that was quick!

The good mailman brought me the Briarville Signature Natural today. Man, that was quick! She’s just gorgeous! Amazing grain and finish, great stem, fantastic draw, and the size is even better than I expected. It fits my hand perfectly. I’m a happy man! So thank you very much again! Hope to do business with you again in the future All the best!

~Harri Huovinen

This pipe could be a museum piece

The Signature Supreme is a pipe light in weight, a great smoke and a work of art! This pipe could be a museum piece but most museums do not allow smoking. Thanks Briarville for your work.

~Edward Hoy

Looks great and smokes perfectly

My wife and kids bought a Briarville Series I pipe for my birthday. What a great job you made of it. Looks great and smokes perfectly. Thank You so much! Paul Wooley ~ North Canterbury, New Zealand

~Paul Wooley
New Zealand

What a great job guys!

Just got my pipe back from getting a new stem installed. What a great job guys! The stem is factory perfect. No way to tell it is after market. You also polished the bowl. Looked like a different pipe. It pulled grain up I had never noticed before. Enjoyed it so much now going to feed my collecting addiction and buy a new pipe I have been looking at on your site. Thanks a million guys!

~Jim Hammett