Tomasso Spanu Millennio

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The collectability of Tom Spanu pipes cannot be understated. Right now is time to own one because the price is totally understated and their value is on the rise.  A couple of quick facts… When we say hand made, not only are his pipes completely hand made, Tom didn’t use a single power tool to do it. There wasn’t a drill or a lathe in his shop.

Sadly Spanu passed away in 2015 but his legacy lives on.  The Mellinnio series was created to celebrate the turn of the century.  The pipe is now 18 years old, and three years after the creator’s passing, this lightly smoked, “Man Sized”, flawless, stunning straight grained pipe is waiting – fit for enjoyment for the next hundred years. This is an exemplary specimen of the craft! A gift to the world from the hands and heart of a master craftsman.

Measurements and Such

Length: 7″
Bowl Height: 2  7/8″
Weight: 4.4 oz
Shape: 1/4 Danish
Stem Material: Inlayed ebonite
Stem Type: hand cut fancy
Filter: No
Finish: Smooth / Flawless straight grain
Stamping: No 101, Tom Spanu (in script), Millennio (in script), 2000
Stamping Quality: Good
Packaging: Briarville Buffing Bag
Briarville Rating: 4.5