Peterson’s Dunmore

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Peterson fans may want to have a look at this little gem. The Dunmore is considered in the classic range and it’s stamped with a 74.  Were not familiar with a 74 model and that shape isn’t listed in the online catalog so I’m guessing that might be a date stamp.  The enigma will be left to the buyer to sort out.  Meanwhile, the circles near the mortise are really intriguing. We’ve seen a lot of Petersons come through the shop but none with that design. Meanwhile our little Dunmore here has a few character dings near the rim, nothing horrible.  This will make a unique addition to your collection.

Measurements and Such

  • Length:  5.25 Inches
  • Bowl Height:  1.7/8 inches
  • Weight;  1.5oz
  • Stem Material:  Vulcanite – P-Lip
  • Filter:  No
  • Stamping Nomenclature:  Made in the Republic of Ireland, 74, Peterson’s Dunmore
  • Stamping Quality Weak, Readable
  • Briarville Rating:  2.99