Dunhill Bijou – Very Rare


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This diminutive pipe has probably been hidden away in some drawer or attic for 75 years.  Eat your hearts out American Pickers.  Our offering may be small in stature, created for times of scarcity during WWII, but in the collector world it could be large as life. During the war many pipes were made with horn stems because vulcanite was difficult to get with most rubber going to the war effort.  Our little rare relic here is lightly smoked, in pristine condition, and has a vulcanite stem.  1944 Patent No. 417574/34, Underscore 4

Dimensions –

Length: 5 1/16 Inches

Bowl Height: 1 1/8 Inches

Weight: 0.3 Ounces

Stem Material: Vulcanite

Stamping:  Patent No is weak but readable with a magnifier.  The underscore “4” is readable, “Dunhill Bijou” strong

Packaging:  Generic Pipe Sock