Ben Wade – Leeds Made Collector

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Here’s a brief history of the checkered Ben Wade saga.  In the beginning, Benjamin Wade opened his pipe shop in Leeds England circa 1860.  Yes there was an actual Ben Wade long before the popularity of the Danish designs – a story all unto itself.

The pipes Wade produced in Leeds, England were impeccable and classically British.  The company was going strong until WWII when the Germans bombed his factory.  After the war the family reopened the shop and quickly won back the stellar reputation they once had.  However, by 1962, the family decided to sell the company to Herman Lane.  In 1965 Lane shut down the Leeds shop and sent the equipment to London for use in making ordinary Charatan seconds, thus putting an end the legendary Leeds Made Ben Wade pipes.

Measurements and Such

Collector – Rare Pre 1965

Length: 5 1/4″
Bowl Height: 1 7/8″
Weight: 1.1 oz
Shape: Panel
Stem Material: Vulcanite
Stem Type: Square Taper
Filter: No
Finish: Smooth
Stamping: Made by Ben Wade, Made in Leeds
Stamping Quality: Weak
Packaging: Generic Pipe Sock
Briarville Rating: 4