The Briarville Signature Story

Briarville Signature pipes are unsmoked, “Old Stock”, factory briar pipes. They were imported to America unfinished from the Mastro de Paja and Brebia factories during the 1980’s through the early 90’s for the Calibresi line created by Thomas Cristiano.

Mr. Cristiano was an Italian immigrant landing stateside in 1968 at the tender age of 16. Shortly after arriving in New York he landed a job making Kaywoodie pipes for SM Frank.Cristiano left SM Frank after 10 years to form his own import/export company in Tampa, FL when he created the Calibresi line.

Tragically in 2005, with great shock and loss to the industry, Cristiano died on a visit to his homeland. The Briarville Signature Series comes from the cache of unfinished pipes left aging and untouched for the last 12 years in addition to Cristiano’s own aging processes and that of both Italian factories. In short, these pipes have been safely hidden away in warehouses upwards of 30 years!

In keeping the tradition alive, some 40 years after their inaugural release, these pipes have been reborn as the Briarville Signature Series. Your selection arrives expertly engraved and beautifully hand finished in the Briarville shop, not 30 minutes from Tampa where the tradition started and with the same love and affection we give to our repairs and restorations. There are three stunning finishes from which to choose – “Natural”, “Premium”, and “Supreme”. Personalize your pipe from a wide palette of color choices for the Premium and Supreme finishes.
Ridiculously affordable, you can add to your collection for the price of a few tins. We promise the quality of the Briarville Signature far exceeds the price!

We are excited because these aged, “old wood” pipes, will rival any factory pipe on the market today at the $130 – $150 price point!

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