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In 2013 Ric Farrah left the trucking industry to pursue a passion. The timing was perfect after he lost his Director of Recruiting position when the midsized trucking firm he worked for was sold and he was reassigned to an ill-fitting position. Farrah teamed up with American pipe maker Joe Case of Joe Case Pipes who launched his successful pipe shop just one year earlier. The results were nothing short of extraordinary and the work flooded in.
Farrah's online model, Briarville - Pipe Repair as Close as Your Mailbox™ eliminated the challenge of finding a Brick & Mortar tobacco store that still serviced tobacco pipes. The Internet, modern shipping, excellent communication and unsurpassed customer service made the inconvenient task of getting a tobacco pipe repaired or restored, simple, easy and flawless.
In 2016 Farrah relocated the shop from TN to the balmy ocean breezes of Florida's West Coast in Palm Harbor. Today Briarville Pipe Repair LLC has grown into a standalone entity serving an ever-growing list of pipe hobbyists and enthusiasts from all over the globe and the leading full service pipe repair facility on the Internet. For 2018 Farrah is expanding the shop to include an all new Briarville Store offering new and estate pipes and pipe smoking accessories in a safe, secure and trusted setting.
Farrah and crew combines quality workmanship, efficiency, and ease of doing business all while having fun serving their fellows up to the greatest hobby in the world.
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