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You will have all my future repair business

Got my repaired and reconditioned 50 year old pipe back this afternoon. Show and tell at the pipe club meeting. They were impressed, the shop owner was impressed, the store staff was impressed. I was overjoyed to see my first pipe from 50 years ago looking better than new. The silver band and shank repair are perfect and the refinishing on the wood was unbelievable. The pipe really didnt look this good the day I bought it. You will have all my future repair business. Thanks to everyone that was involved. This old pipe has great sentimental value apart from being a good smoker. Its so pretty, I almost want to put it in a display case ~ Paul Schmolke – Santa Fe, NM

Paul Schmolke
Santa Fe

What a deal

The Huckleberry pipe you sent is awesome! What a deal. I’m smoking my first “break-in” bowl as I type this. The shape, feel in hand and draw are great! ~ Dave Jennings – Cincinnati, OH

Dave Jennings

Beautiful Job

Afternoon Briarville!! Just received my pipe 1/08/2019. What a outstanding repair. Wish I had your talent.

Thank you very much,


George Greenwood

First Time Restoration!

Sent my father’s GBD Virgin Bulldog #269 to Ric for the restoration special. Couldn’t be happier! My pipe came back looking like it was factory new and just in time for IPSD 2019. This pipe will take a special spot in my rotation, and I look forward to many bowels in this sharp looking briar.

Thanks again you have a lifetime customer.

Tom Butchers

Incredible job!!!


Incredible job!!! I received the pipe and let me tell you that I am so happy with the beautiful stem you created for me, I cannot thank you enough! It’s absolutely beautiful!

I just ran two bowls through it and the smoking experience was the best ever. Also, as you said I can now pass a pipe cleaner through it which I was never able to and that’s a big plus.


I just want to thank you again for taking on this job and for delivering the very best. I have already told my brothers at the NY Pipe Club about you and I hope you will hear from anyone in need. My best friend Simone will be contacting you for some work on his pipes shortly.

All the best to you in the New Year and I’ll be in touch again. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much again.

Stay well,

Lou Carbone

President – NY Pipe Club

Lou Carbone

Great job!

This is the second time I’ve used Briarville. After the first time I knew I wouldn’t have to look any further. Briarville is easy to work with, they listen to your needs, they get back to you in a timely manner, the payment set up is easy and they are very transparent about the amount of time it will take to get your pipe back. Also, when I finally got my pipe back it looked brand new. Shiny, cleaned up, new stem, nicely reamed out with just a little coating on the inside of the bowl. There may be other pipe repairs places out there, but I have no reason to check them out. Briarville does a great job both in price and in communication.


Second time Better then the first!!#

I thought the first time i Send out a Pipe to be refinished and a Cracked Bowl, you guys did a Fabulous Job. But the second time around, Wow!! Estate pics, Gifts, Old Caked over bowls and Even a Cracked Bowl. All refurbished and Refinished. 13 pipes in all. And all returned Looking Brand New. All I can say is Absolutely phenominal !! Thank you Ric for the great work and for the professionalism and the great conversation. Getting another group togwthwr now.

Oak Park


Ric and the guys at Briarville are incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with. I received my pipes back quickly and they did a great job. Ric worked with me and it felt like I was working with someone in my hometown at a brick and mortar. Very pleased with the finished work and would definitely be a repeat customer.


Above and Beyond!

I am new to pipe smoking and was given an old pipe without a stem. I researched and found Ric and Briarville. I called and to my surprise spoke to Ric directly. A wealth of knowledge and full of passion, I felt very comfortable sending my pipe to Florida from CA.
A short time later, I got my pipe back and it looked amazing. It looked brand new, absolutely beautiful. Also, I was emailed a few times throughout the process to keep me posted of the status.
Communication, expediencey, and quality of work was all excellent. I will be an ongoing customer for all my pipe smoking needs.
Thank you Briarville

Russ Samuels
Manhattan Beach

Unbelievable work

Just a quick note to thank you for the superb job you did on my three pipes. I’ve worked by mail with pipe repairers, but you are obviously in another league. The bits are rounded and comfortable, just the right size and shape, and the silverwork is beautiful. I just assumed I’d have to discard the old silverwork, but you managed to recreate two fairly uncommon stems. Extremely pleased. Thanks, Rich, have a great new year!

Bob Nolin

Thank you!

I sent in four pipe stems to have cleaned and spruced up. They came back looking better than new!

Thank you!

Gary Whitcomb
Port Orchard

Amazing Experience

I just wanted to shout out and thank you for my new favorite pipe! I had no idea that the stummel I sent you guys could look and function as good as you made it. And the stem is out of this world!

You probably get tired from hearing this, because it sounds like you are pretty consistent with exceeding expectations, but I was knocked out with every aspect of the experience. From the ease of sending you the pipe, to the quick response back, to the actual product arriving at my door. Such great work. I wish everybody cared about what they did and did it as well as you folks in Briarville. I will never hesitate to recommend Briarville and will likely look into purchasing one of your pipes soon. Thanks again, guys!

Chris Shea

My Pipe Arrived!

I made a Danish style freehand years ago and recently broke the stem. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to get it replaced because the pipe had some flaws in the base. Finely I sent it into Briarville for repair . They suggested the flaws could be hidden by partially rusticating the pipe and refinishing the plateau top and shank. I’m glad I gave them the go ahead.  Now I would put my pipe up to any Ben Wade or Winslow, it is that good. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Briarville did a great job!

Fred Swab

Outstanding service

Seriously, I can’t believe the quality of work, turnaround time… everything. My wife brought me estate pipe shopping for my birthday three years ago and I found this beautiful little Wally Frank. Unfortunately, the stem was broken and I didn’t have anyone local to fix it. I sent it to Briarville and it came back with an exact match for the original, perfectly fit, and bent just right. They even polished it! Awesome work. Thanks@

Steve King

Impeccable, Scrupulous and Affordable Service

My heartfelt gratitude to the team at Briarville for their consistently impeccable, scrupulous and affordable Service”.

Be it a replacement stem, a restoration to original condition, opening of a tight airflow or general cleaning, the work Briarville performed on several of my Pipes (Dunhill, Castello and Peterson), truly and perfectly met -if not surpassed- my expectations. As if it weren’t enough, the amount of the ever so painful separation time from my pipes was no more than about 2 weeks.

I leave this testimonial because I appreciate the trepidation one may experience when deciding whether to entrust a cherished pipe into the hands of some unknown self-declared expert. I took my chances the first time with Briarville and will take no other chance elsewhere. Briarville is my pipes Guardian Angel !!


California / New York

Man, that was quick!

The good mailman brought me the Briarville Signature Natural today. Man, that was quick! She’s just gorgeous! Amazing grain and finish, great stem, fantastic draw, and the size is even better than I expected. It fits my hand perfectly. I’m a happy man!
So thank you very much again! Hope to do business with you again in the future All the best! ~ Harri Huovinen – Finland

Harri Huovinen

Nice job!

Beautiful work on the pipes I sent in for repairs. I had little hope for one of my favorite Barling’s, what with the chunk broken out of the bowl. The repair job was almost invisible – I had to really look for evidence of it. The other repairs were routine, but they came back fixed, cleaned and nicely polished. Well done all around.

John Michne
Clifton Park

My wife choked up when she saw how wonderfully new all 15 pipes turned out.

I normally don’t do this but I have to write and let you know what an exceptional job you did on the restoration of my Father-in Laws pipe collection. He was a wonderful man and if he could see them, I know he would be more than pleased.

At first look, my wife choked up when she saw how wonderfully new all 15 pipes turned out.

It’s hard to find people now a days who take such great pride in what they do, but you are in a rare class. Every step of the way, you were a pleasure to work with and I will be a customer for life!!

Thanks again Ric and I hope to speak with you again soon.


Jeff Luzar
Mission Viejo, CA

Jeff Luzar
Mission Viejo

A Great Ordering Experience

The owner/staff was congenial, went out of their way to assist me with my order. They processed the order immediately and informed me directly of the status. The package shipped out without delay. Upon receipt I inspected the pipe – it was a very good product and was in first rate condition. I was very pleased with the service and the personal attention they afforded me. Almost like dealing with family – maybe better.


wow, what a great job

i’m beyond pleased with the work done for me, i can now once again smoke a pipe like i want to with out the pipe falling out of my mouth end braking when it hits the floor. i sure know where to go and who to recommend should any repairs ever needed. thanks guys.

richard curry
lake city

Outstanding Performance

I sent 4 pipes to Briarville for various repairs ranging from stem work to a total refurb. I couldn’t be happier. Briarville turned a dingy estate Savinelli Autograph into a like new pipe. Everything was returned above my expectations except the price. That was lower than I had thought it would be. Briarville is the go to place for pipe work, I highly recommend them. Mark Craney

Mark Craney

What a magnificent peice of work

Hi Rich, I would like to thank you for the fantastic restoration of my Dunhill pipe, The nickel band repair looks great and the pipe is as new. This is the third Dunhill you have restored for me and they have all been magnificent. Keep up the good work.Cheers,Alan.

Alan Foley

Reliable, honest and fair

Briarville has never disappointed me; they have always proven to be reliable, honest, fair and fast. Ric’s prices are reasonable and for the quality of work is a great bargain
No matter whether you need a minor repair or major restoration the folks at Briarville have you covered.
The latest work they did for me is outstanding and I cannot say enough good things about Briarville.

James Turnage


Sent Ric eight well worn pipes I inherited. Came back works of art. And even when not smoking them, enjoy looking at them! Thanks, Briarville!


Old Memories Become New!

I could say the pipe is as good as new but that would not quite be right as I don’t remember it when it was new. What Briarville did with this refurbish and repair was to bring back to life my late father’s pipe – a neat Mayfair straight billiard style complete with stinger – and memories from my childhood of nearly 40 years ago – this is priceless. For this I am extremely grateful.

Steven Parisotto

Amazing Work On My Delicate Museum Piece

I sent in my broken and delicate meerschaum pipe from my collection. The pipe belonged to Ralph Capone, brother of gangster Al Capone. I carefully chose from many pipe repair shops. I even overlooked the ones in my own country because I wanted someone who actually cared about his craft and one who was not just looking to make a buck. I’m real happy I settled on Briarville and Ric Farrah!
Mario Gomes
Montreal, Canada

Mario Gomes

Comoy’s HC

Thanks for resurrecting my century-old Comoy’s full-bent. Churchill’s generation smoked it and you’ve done it honor.

Todd L. Platek
Berkeley Heights
New Jersey

Another great meerschaum restore!

A very close friend and myself have been using Briarville for restorations on old meerschaums for quite some time, ALWAYS with top notch service at a fair price. I just got a curator clean and restore back from the new shop and am thrilled by the results! Rich salvaged the amber stem, cleaned it up,and I’ll be smoking it tomorrow. These old meers are no easy task and I have NEVER been disappointed. Can’t thank you enough, Dave.

David Ward

High Quality Workmanship!

I almost can’t believe the quality the workmanship. I feel like I’ve got 3 brand new pipes. One pipe was my fathers and a bit mistreated. It now looks like I just purchased it new. Thank You so very much!!

Robert Potter
Crystal Lake

Pipe Repair Extraordinaire

I just received my Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson Church Warden pipe from Briarville Inc. Pipe Repair. An outstanding job as usual! The pipe looks like it came right out of the showcase. Thank you Rich, T.W. James.

Thomas James

Broken Antique Meerschaum Amber Stem Becomes Heirloom

I bought a broken 100+ year old meerschaum on Ebay. No one else bid on it, because it was broken. By broken I mean tenon. Stummel was clean and long Canadian, amber stem with no cracks or chips. I bought it very cheap knowing there was a great chance Briarville could fix it. I had a sterling band added.
Thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship. You brought this broken old pipe back to glory and will be cherished for another 100 years.


Excellent Job and Quick Too

Sent two Baraccini pipes to Briarville after both Acrylic stems split. Briarville fabricated replacement Vulcanite stems and returned them to me right at the two week turn around as quoted. The fit on both is perfect and cost was very reasonable. To sum it up, I’d say: Excellent workmanship, timely service, and reasonably priced.

Jack Vance – Hoover, AL

Jack Vance

Like New.

Hey guys. Thanks for the stem repair. The stem looks brand new. Even the stinger was salvaged. I appreciate the work you guys do there. Can’t wait to smoke it. Only complaint I had is it didn’t get mailed back to fast enough, just kidding. Thanks again and will definitely use your company again for future pipe or stems repairs.


I just wanted to say job well done

Hey Ric, I just wanted to say job well done, very well done on my old Wilke and those two unfinished pipes. They are beautiful and will be a nice addition to my collection. Thanks again ~ Josh Repoza – Fall River, MA

Josh Repoza
Fall River

Quick and Friendly Service

I have an heirloom Meerschaum pipe that belonged to my grandfather which had unfortunately broke. I had contacted multiple “pipe repair” shops which all told me the piece was a total loss. I reached out to Ric at Briarville who immediately gave me a call. We discussed how we could go about repairing the pipe and how much it would cost. You could just tell Ric cared about his craft and wasn’t afraid to take on what others thought would be a total loss. After we agreed on the repair I sent off the pipe and in less than two week I got it sent back. It was fixed and fully functional. I am very happy to have found Briarville so I can now have this piece of my grandfather’s legacy.

Darren Stanizzi

This pipe could be a museum piece

The Signature Supreme is a pipe light in weight, a great smoke and a work of art! This pipe could be a museum piece but most museums do not allow smoking.  Thanks Briarville for your work.

Edward Hoy

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Edward Hoy

Excellent work, quick turnaround, easy process

I had a couple pipes whose vulcanite stems had oxidized. I sent the two pipes to be restemmed, and all I knew is that I wanted acrylic stems to avoid oxidation. I told them “I trust your judgment on stem color and bend–do whatever you think looks good!” I tend to be picky, but I didn’t know how best to communicate my preferences. It’s like they read my mind. They also polished up the bowls gratis, it looks like. Excellent work. I’ll be sending them two more older and oxidized pipes for similar repairs soon.

Cottage City

I am very happy with the work.

Just a message to let you know I received my Parker Suosr Bruyere pipe back from you today. You opened up the stem and and cleaned it up for me. Great job Ric. I am very happy with the work. It looks almost new again and I read the same reviews from everyone on GPSS and Old Codgers. I can’t wait to see what you do with the new acrylic stem on the meerschaum I sent. I’ll be sending a few others as I get time.
Thank You Very Much! ~ Ron McCallister – Crystal City, MI

Ron McCallister
Crystal City

Great job! Pipe is Once Again Like New and a Fine Smoker.

I couldn’t ask for better service. I’ve sent several valuable Cavicchi CCCs to be repaired & reconditioned. Results: Fantastic! Briarville’s  slogan… “Repair is as close as your mailbox” is truly admirable. I’ve had to call upon his expertise on several occasions & the results are above reproach. Briarville is a pipe smoker’s best online friend & the only company I will ever call upon whenever the need arises.  Seek their services should the need arise & you won’t regret it.

Michael ROY Toney

Great Job!

I am so happy with the beautiful stem you created for me, It’s absolutely beautiful! I will be using you for all my repair & restoration.

Loren Grace
The Villages

Welcome Back

My dad’s favorite pipe broke yesterday when he accidentally dropped it. My dad is a tough guy, but this is a special piece and he was understandably upset when it broke. So I secretly swiped the broken pipe and mailed it off to Briarville. Ric was terrific, he called me to go over the repairs before doing them. We talked for some time and afterward I felt very reassured about having dad’s pipe fixed and refurbished. The pipe arrived back to me safe, sound and beautiful! I’m so pleased with it. I’d like to thank Briarville for a beautiful job. Their true craftsmanship and care is obvious. As we celebrated my dad’s 67th birthday. I was excited to give him his pipe back. As soon as he opened it he instantly recognized it. He is very happy to have his old friend back. He actually said it looks just like it did when he originally bought it years ago!



My Pipe Looks New!

Amazing customer service and quality work! The post office messed up shipping my pipe to Briarville, but Ric called me when it arrived and said he would expidite the work. It shipped the next day! When I received the pipe, it looked new! I’m so happy the way it turned out. Thank you Briarville.

Ed Bourne


Today, I received the second batch of repaired pipes from Rich and the great team at Briarville. These 3 pipes received are well over 40 years old each..I paid at least $250 to $300 a piece for these pipes when purchased at that time. ( Savinelli’s, Ben Wade Free hands) This gives you an idea of how precious these pieces are to me. They had a lot of mileage on them, with cracked bowls, broken stems, and caked up bowls as well. All 3 are better looking today than when I bought them..

As a senior citizen, and have witnessed a lot in my life, and it has been a long time since I have seen the pride of quality craftsmanship like this before and again, like I was with my first experience, I am blown away. I have run out of superlatives to use in trying to describe the quality of work these folks do.. I just don’t have the words anymore! I am beyond satisfied!!

Larry Rucks


I just got back 3 pipes I had sent to Briarville; two needed substantial work and one just needed a light cleaning and a replacement stem. All came back looking a whole lot better than I had expected. The repair work on one of the tenons was first rate and almost invisible. Truly great work

Steve Lindsey

Absolutely Stunned With The Transformation.

Ric and crew at Briarville did an absolutely fabulous job at transforming my Dunhill estate find from a lump of coal into a flawless diamond. Customer service was first rate and personal and would recommend Briarville to anyone needing pipe work from a simple cleanbuff to a full restore.

Brian Serroels

Churchwarden Stem Conversion

Briarville did a very nice job adding a churchwarden stem to my old Barling bowl. It involved a bit of custom work as the shank on the Barling is a bit larger in diameter than would match to most stems. They found one, though, and I’m definitely happy with the result. Smokes beautifully. Cheers.

Thomas Nawrocki
Santa Cruz

Crusty and cracked to new

Hey Ric, I sent you guys an old Peterson full bent with a crack between the shank and the bowl. It was an eBay purchase that leaked moisture through that crack. The stem looked old and the bowl looked old too. Someone got a lot of use from it, but not me. What was mailed back looked like a new pipe. I’ve used your service before and knew Briarville was good, but not this good. Can’t find that crack and the stem and everything has been restored. Thanks, great work!

Steve Johnson

Great pipe repair and Tomasso Spanu handcrafted pipe

I sent 4 pipes for stem repair and overhauling. They came back in mint condition. I could not be more pleased with Briarville. I also purchased the Tomasso Spanu pipe from the web site. It is a magnificent piece of workmanship. Thank you Ric.

David Ansel
New Jersey

Thank you BRIARVILLE, I am very pleased with the work you performed.

The postman just delivered my 40+ year old Stanwell, Danish Sovereign “tulip”style pipe. I am very pleased with the stem replacement and cleanup work that the team at Briarville did for me. I hope to get another 40 + years out of it now.

Gary Johansson

Breathtaking. Definitive artistry.

Rich Messineo is a passionate restorer of pipes. His love for their dignity and beauty literally shines through his work. Briarville has inspired me to develop a large collection of impeccably restored estate pipes. You should trust in his skill and aesthetic! First rate work, always, without fail. It’s a real joy to open a Briarville package; to be astonished time and again by beauty and such careful, sympathetic work.

Bernie Kunkel

Extraordinary Job!

The only one I trust with my pipes!

Tarif F.A.Tarabzouni
Saudi arabia


I just received my pipes back from Briarville. The workmanship was incredible and exceeded my expectations. I’ll be sending all my pipes to them when the time arises again.

Keep up the good work

Kelly J Thibault
Miles City

Just received your pipe here in Brazil

I’ve just received your pipe here in Brazil, I am very pleased, you did a very nice job, congratulations and thanks a lot! Andre Dalle ~ Santiago, Brazil

Andre Dalle


I have had the pleasure to deal with Briarville Repair many times for various repairs to old meerschaum pipes. Stems, shanks, broken parts, and clearing blocked airways. Even if complicated they managed to fix everything I have sent to them. In addition, they call to discuss the problems before fixing. A great outfit, highly recommended for pipe repair & products.

Michael Cohen
Fort Lee
New Jersey


Briarville restored and repaired my pipe to better than new. I’m in awe. This is the only place that gets my pipes from here on in. THANK YOU!!!



sent two old but relished pipes for refubishing and got back what looked like 2 new pipes years ago rich did the same for another pipe great job again

brian black

Well Done Rich!

Thank you Rich,

You did a great job replacing my battered and broken stem with a handsome replacement. Now I can look forward to many more years of enjoying one of my favorite and well loved pipes. The process was easy, affordable and the turnaround was timely. I’m very pleased that I found Briarville; you exceeded my expectations.

All the Best,

G.L. Johansson
Elmhurst, Illinois

G. L. Johansson

Better Than New!!

What a fantastic job! I got my pipe back and it looks new. No! Better than new! Ric gave me a call, explained to me what needed to be done for a proper repair, and let me know when my pipe was coming back to me. The entire process was easy, informative and VERY affordable. No need looking elsewhere for you pipe repair or cleaning needs – it’s all here with the care and attention as if it was their own. Thanks Briarville!

Tom Kuhn

New Stem Exceeded my Expectations

I got the stem of my favorite pipe replaced for Christmas. The company answered all my questions and helpful. When I got my pipe the stem was like a jewel and beyond what I had hope for. Will be using this company again for any of my future pipe repair/ maintenance needs.


Fast fix

Beautiful. Fast. Happy.
Thank you

Matthew Cobb

My father’s pipe looks new.

I had my father’s 70’s era pipe that I’ve owned since the early 80’s restored. It was well used, bite marks on the stem, banged and scuffed but holds great sentimental value to me. Rich made this pipe look brand new. I’ll see if I can get another 50 years of use from it.

Thank you.

Adrian gunderson

Excellent Work

Sent in 4 pipes for restoration and1 stem replacement.
Top Notch work.
All look brand new.
Great fitting and shaping new stem.

Will be sending in more pipes in the future.
Would recommend to every other Pipe Smoker.

Roger Schendel


I have been a pipe smoker for over 30 years and during that time, I have purchased some very nice Savenellis, some Ben Wade free hands and very high end pipes. I am very careful with my pipes but as you all know? constant usage has a way of diminishing the structures and the appearances of your pipe. This group of my pipes were the worst of what I had to be repaired. I was not ready to let these once beautiful pieces go. I called and got Ric on the phone. He was great and took the time realizing how personal these 4 pipes were to me and then walk me through the process. My pipes were in bad shape, stems cracked and the bowls on both my free hands were cracked. My Savenelli was broken at the base of the stem. Ric did tell me it would be a challenge but he accepted and over the course of the next couple of weeks? these guys turned what I truly thought was the end of my pipes? into complete brand new looking ,newly refurbished pipe masterpieces! The bowls are polished and like new, the stems are new!Theses beauties smoke like the day I got them When I received them back in the mail I started to shed tears. I never could have imagined anything like this! I am still in pipe smoking heaven as I continue to enjoy my masterpieces. I am beyond blown away!! satisfied and happy beyond belief! I have found these guys and from this point on? anything that I see with my pipes to be corrected? will send in right away!! I refuse to wait and allow my pipes to get in such bad shape again.. Thanks to the team at Briarville

Larry Rucks

Looks great and smokes perfectly

My wife and kids bought a Briarville Series I pipe for my birthday. What a great job you made of it. Looks great and smokes perfectly. Thank You so much! Paul Wooley ~ North Canterbury, New Zealand

Paul Wooley
North Canterbury
New Zealand

Took Forty Years Off My Pipe

I sent in a briar pipe purchased in 1973. The stem was riddled with holes, the bowl was caked beyond recovery and the briar had no finish or shine left. But that pipe had been thru over 40 years with me. I simply didn’t know what could be done to save it.

My pipe was gone to your shop for less than 3 weeks. When I opened the box it was returned in, it was as though I’d bought it a day ago and not yet smoked it! My old friend since college days was good as new.

You folks are fantastic, and I’ll be sure to carry your card in my wallet, to share with others whose pipes had been given up on. Wonderful service and pricing, and cordial phone support as well.

Many thanks!!

Thomas Ambrose

Pipe Restoration

I had inherited a Meerschaum pipe from my dad. It held many memories for myself and my family. Unfortunately sometime before his death the stem had broken. I was thrilled to find Rich of Briarville who promptly responded to my email and followed up with a phone conversation about the needed repair. His respect of the craftsmanship of these pipes and his joy of working on them was obvious in this conversation. I had complete confidence in him when I mailed him my pipe. And I was not disappointed! The replaced stem blended perfectly with the pipe. The horsehead was carefully cleaned. The restored pipe was returned promptly and the final invoice was less than the quote. Rich takes great pride in his work and the results show it. Thanks Briarville for your work.

Ruth Fischer

Looks and smokes great

I broke the stem on my favorite full bent pipe. Sent it to Briarville just before the move to NM. Took a little longer that normal to get it back and there was a small issue with the fit. Talked to Rich and he took care of the issue like it was the most important thing for him to do. The workmanship of his crew is fantastic, and the communication with him was great. I would recommend Briarville to others and will return for future work.

Tom Marcotte
Oklahoma Ciry

Still Happy

Dear Ric,
Glad you published my testimonial. I’m sill happy with the work you did on my GBD. My wife is too.
Bill Geisert

Bill, we’re happy that your are still happy. Thanks again for all your business and very kind words ~ Ric

Bill Geisert
Jasper Ga & Boca Raton

They Live Again!

Just got back my two Don-Lou 40 year old Briars (if you know Bensonhurst, Brooklyn you know who Don-Lou was) and had old broken vulcanite stems replaced with acrylic and ream and clean for both.
Great work! Can’t wait to light ‘em up!

Stan Ruszkowski
Oakland Gardens

Great Job

Very satisfied with the replacement of the bits on my pipes and the cleanup and polishing of the stems. Highly recommend. Thanks

Corwin Morton

A Big Thank You

1st time client. Sent 2 of my favorite pipes for repair.
1/ a 1990 Dunhill, year my daughter was born. Bought brand new and notice there were some divots in the bowl. Smoke it very carefully but still found some burnout. Don’t know what magic Briarville did. It’s now repaired like brand new.
2/ A Rainer Barbi with a stem with deep toothmarks. Former owner has very strong teeth. Stem was repaired and look like new. Rich then make me a new blue stem. My goodness. It’s gorgeous.

Thank you Briarville.

Eddy Chai
Taiwan Businessperson of the year 1998

Eddy Chai

Exceeded Expectations Through the Whole Process

I sent my pipe in after emailing about my broken tenon predicament. Briarville let me know when they got the pipe, what would be the best course of repair, and when it was being returned. When it got back home I opened the package and was amazed. The pipe was stunning! Couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience. Thank you!

Gregory Canter
Fort Lupton

Excellent pipe restoration

I sent in an aged estate Sasieni and got back a pipe that could have passed for new. Outstanding work, done quickly – couldn’t ask for more.

Dennis Koffer

They look like I just purchased them

I received my pipes yesterday. I am very very happy with them. They look like I just purchase them. They are amazing. Thank you very much! ~ Clifford Lawton – Jacksonville, FL

Clifford Lawton

First class pipe repair

My pipe was brought back to working condition in the time I was told. I would use Briarville Pipe Repair again when needed.

Robert Shuey

Thank you for the ease of doing business with you

Thank you for the ease of doing business with you. I’m looking forward to receiving my repaired pipes, and will keep you at the top of my list when I need a new one. ~ Tom Leonard – Collingswood, NJ

Tom Leonard

Another Home Run!!

Briarville knocked another one out of the park with the restoration of three of my very old pipes. The pipes were better than I remember when new and that was over 40 years ago. I keep going back to these guys as they are old world craftsmen who cares about the work and their customers. Thanks guys for the great job!!

Gary White
Lees Summit

I couldn’t be happier!

When I received my repaired pipes in the mail, I could hardly wait to unwrap them and see them all spiffed up. I was NOT disappointed! They are beautiful. I have sent pics to my friends and posted before and after pics on Facebook (Gentlemen’s Pipe Smoking Society). I made sure they all knew Ric at Briarville did the work. Many thanks and I will be recommending Briarville Pipe Repair to others.

Tim Hummer

Amazing as always

Been using Briarville for awhile now and they never fail to come through and leave me in awe. If you have a pipe you’ve been wanting restored but nervous of who to use, look no further! They handle the services professionally and timely, and you get back a beautiful product!


100 Year Old Meerschaum Pipe Restored

Thank you Briarville. I sent them a 100 year old meerschaum pipe without a stem. Ric communicated with me on the phone and he is great. He worked with me and the pipe is beautiful and smokes great.

Leo Goubeaux

Awesome Work

I’m new to smoking pipes. I bought 2 Savinelli estate pipes on Etsy. Living in Hawaii, there’s no one who will work on Savinelli pipes. Found out about Briarville from the local tobacco shop. Shot them an email and got a response very quickly. Sent my pipes in and they emailed back recommending just a restoration. Couldn’t be happier with the work that they did. Big thanks to the Briarville team.

Brian Hokama

What a great job guys!

Just got my pipe back from getting a new stem installed. What a great job guys! The stem is factory perfect. No way to tell it is after market. You also polished the bowl. Looked like a different pipe. It pulled grain up I had never noticed before. Enjoyed it so much now going to feed my collecting addiction and buy a new pipe I have been looking at on your site. Thanks a million guys! ~ Jim Hammett – Dripping Springs, TX

Jim Hammett
Dripping Springs

Great Service!

This is my second time to use Briarville Pipe Repair. Ric Farrah always calls when he receives your pipe to discuss the project, just as he says he will. The job is done on time, and for a most reasonable cost. Return shipping is quick. It is a pleasure to do business with such a gentleman and fellow pipe smoker. Most highly recommended!

Gregory Godwin
North Richland Hills

Stem replacement

Great service from Rich at Briarville . I had two old bowls that needed stems . Perfect fit into the bowls which is of prime importance , they were nicely finished and flush .
The pipes were cleaned and nicely buffed on receipt , quality workmanship and attention to detail . I would recommend these guys for pipe repair . First class operation .
Scot .


Satisfied customer.

Great work. Pipe came back cleaned, polished, reamed And repaired to perfection. Looks almost good as new. Great job. Thanks.

Mike Heavey

Restoring Memories

My Dad was an avid Pipe smoker his entire life. My fondest memories all seem to involve him smoking or fiddling with his pipe while teaching me math or working a fly along the banks of the Madison R.
When He passed away this year I naturally grabbed his pipes but found them to be in dire need of restoration
I sent Rich a handful of pipes in various states of yuck. What I got back was special. Every pipe was restored beautifully. Cleaned up enough to display them yet still showing signs of the years of enjoyment they each provided my Dad.
I recommend Briarville to anyone who asks.
Thank you again Rich!

San Diego

Excellent Restoration!

I sent Briarville 2 of my grandfather’s pipes. The process to send was very easy and within 2 weeks I had them back. I can’t believe they are the same pipes I sent them! The wood grain is tremendous and the replacement stem matches the pipe perfectly! I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service and quality of their work!


Decatur Reamer: greatest

Just got my Decature Reamer set and used it on a pipe I thought was ready for the junk heap. Not so! Since I reamed out the bowl step by step according to the instructions, it smokes better (yes, better) than new. From now on each of my older pipes will get the same treatment the very moment I pick each one up to load up with tobacco. How could I have lived so long without this reamer in my toolbox?

William Howard

Meerschaum repair

Briarville fixed my pipe. Meerschaum with silver band, new stem, and push-pull tenon. Wonderful job – so happy with the repair. Thanks guys

jeffrey howell


Hi Ric
I have just received my pipe back from Briarville. I couldn’t be more pleased.
The pipe looks brand new and since it is over 50 years old, that’s saying something. Everything about my experience with Briarville was as perfect as could be. Thanks so much. You can be sure I will be sending any other pipes I might need to be refurbished to you and I will be telling all my friends about my experience. I wish I had a “before” photo to go with the “after” that I attached, but this will have to do.

Ira Stone

Estate Pipe Purchase

Although this is my first purchase from Briarville, it won’t be my last. My new (to me) James Upshall pipe arrived well packed and protected, a day earlier than expected, even better-looking in my hand than on the website. Nice work, Ric! Five stars!

John Jope

Superior work

I sent 20 pipes and stems to Briarwood. I was notified on the day they arrived, and within four or five days, they were ready! This was far beyond my expectations. When the restored pipes came home, I was exceedingly impressed by the work done. Two pipes in particular had some problems where the stem did not quite fit the bowl, and in each case, the fit is now perfect. Five stars plus!

Edward Caylor

Briarville Signature Supreme!

I REALLY like the Briarville Signature Supreme I received earlier this week. You really did a first rate job on that pipe. Smokes wonderfully too!!

Ed Darragh

Spring Grove, PA

Ed Darragh

Blown Away!!!

I was surfing the net last week, and came across a list of places to check out. One place was saying they used Ric @ Briarville, so I clicked on the link to his website and was looking at his services offered. Then, I noticed he has an online web store.

I was looking for a bent bulldog to add to my collection, and found a pre-80’s GBD that looked amazing. The price was very reasonable, and I couldn’t pass it up. The pipe showed up in yesterday’s mail, and I couldn’t wait to open the box to see my new pipe. Here’s the crazy part, the pipe is as old as I am, and looks brand new! The finish is so highly polished I can see my reflection in it. Of course I couldn’t wait to smoke it, so I fed it two bowls of Levant mixture last night. It blows me away that a pipe from the 70’s could smoke this good, and still look like it’s got another 100 years left in it.

I’m glad I found Ric and his web store, and I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Steven C

Worthy of your trust!

Just received my grandfather’s old pipe today, and all I can say is WOW! The stem, the finish, the chamber carbonizing, and the rim dents have all been flawlessly fixed. Thanks so much for breathing new life into this family heirloom piece. Your work is amazing. Keep it up! I will def be sending you a few more pipes in the near future.

Jonathan Reynolds

How pleased I am with the work you did on my pipe

I telephoned you earlier today telling you how pleased I am with the work you did on my pipe. Now that I have smoked it, I am reporting that I am as happy as if you had sent back my wife in the shape she was in the day I married her fifty two years ago. ~ Bill Geisert – Jasper, GA

Bill Geisert

I wanted to drop a note and say, WOW!!!

I wanted to drop a note and say, WOW!!! The pipes look amazing. Thank you. ~ Anthony Mastromarino – Taunton, MA

Anthony Mastromarino

Great work on the refurbishments and finishing the pipe I had started.

Ric thanks so much for the work on the 2 old European pipes refurbishments. I am hoping to start using them soon. They sat for years unused and you brought them to life. Additionally the work on finishing the pipe I was working on and attaching the antler and covering the extensive crack on the shank came out exceptionally well. I always recommend Briarville when asked about pipe repairs.

Thanks again.

Robert Hill

Not Blowing Smoke.

Briarville Pipe Repair is the Best.

Ed Hoy
Huntingdon Valley

Pipe Refurb

I just got back my old and worn out Lorenzo Oom Paul pipe. I was amazed to see the condition it is in now.  Y’all worked wonders. Thank you very much!

Steve Lindsey

excellent work!

just got back my 68 Dunhill that had a green stem, Rich fixed that problem nicely
looks like new, Thanks Guys!

James Lambing

Great Work on My Preben Holm

The stem broke on my freehand while he was still here in Tennessee. He replaced the stem with one that looked original and polished the pipe up to perfection. If you need it back in shape, he is the man. I’ll upload a pic if I can find it.


Old Into New!

If you want an old pipe completely refurbished and made virtually new again, Briarville is the place to go. Reasonable cost, expert work and great communication.

Alex. Howard

my husband received his pipe!! He loves it.

I just wanted you to know my husband received his pipe!! He loves it. Thank you for all you do for people. It is great to work with an honest and caring company such as yours. ~ Dianne Watson

Dianne Watson

extremely happy with Briarville

Ric –

Received the pipes back today, extremely happy with Briarville. I’m sure to send more work your way soon.



San Antonio TX

Outstanding on Every Level!

I’ve only recently picked up my pipe again, and in doing so was gifted some 30 pipes owned by my late grandfather. I sent eight of them out to Briarville for care and repair, and I could not be happier with the results! Every detail was attended to, and the briars are now so vibrant and beautiful I’m almost (but not quite!) reluctant to use them.

Ric was professional, generous, and kind regarding my inquiries, and the turnaround on the work was lightning fast. I’m already packing up a box to send for more repair and refurbishment. I cannot praise their work highly enough.

Greg Rucka

Heartbroken to Happy

I was so heartbroken when my Bjarne Freehand arrived with a broken tenon and the seller would not take a refund. I found Briarville and reached out to him to see what it would take to repair. Rich put me at ease, gave me a super reasonable price and got it repaired in no time. This man is the best of the best.

Charles Kaster

The Pipe Wizards of Briarville

I discovered Ric and Briarville back in the Tennessee days. Something like 6 or more years ago. I’ve smoked a pipe for over 50 years and several of my pipes are at least that old. Most have been carried in field jacket pockets and rucksacks in pretty harsh conditions around the world in jeeps, tanks and helicopters. Some got broke up pretty bad, but I held on to them hoping that I’d find a repair guy who could work some briar magic. Briarville that wizard. Ric and staff have repaired and restored about ten of my pipes: meerschaums, Petersons, Savinelli’s, Comoys, etc. Broken tenons, broken stems, and major burn outs have presented no obstacles to their magic. They have been returned to me, not as just a repaired pipe, but as a new reincarnation of an old friend. I trust no one else to work this kind of magic! Five big stars! Thanks Briarville!

Ed Carlson
Satellite Beach

My “new” pipe

What a great job repairing my treasured pipe!
Two contacts here in CA were unable to help and I am so glad to have found you!
The pipe is a present of my late wife who purchased it while we visited my hometown in Germany.
So it is a very meaningful gift….
And you restored it to brand new.
Thank you!

Uli Kaestner